Definitions for "Notch"
A hollow cut in anything; a nick; an indentation.
To cut or make notches in; to indent; also, to score by notches; as, to notch a stick.
To fit the notch of (an arrow) to the string.
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Portion of bearer component removed from side of two way pallet to allow access for fork-truck.
Cutout in lower portion of the stringer to allow entry for the fork tine, usually 9" in length, 1 1/2" in depth
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an opening in the side of a measuring tank or reservoir extending above the free surface
an opening in the side of a tank or reservoir which extends above the surface of the liquid
an orifice ex-tending up to the free surface level in the reservoir from which the discharge takes place
The section of wood removed from the face of the tree to prepare it for felling (also see facecut, undercut).
The removal of the web section between conductors of a flat cable to aid in stripping, slitting, and termination.
a switching disturbance of the normal power voltage waveform, lasting less than 0.5 cycles, which is initially of opposite polarity than the waveform and is thus subtracted from the normal waveform in terms of the peak value of the disturbance voltage. Power electronics devices, mainly converters, are the cause of notches, when the current is commutated from one phase to another during the momentary short circuit between the two involved phases.
Slang for a negative or subtractive impulse.
A narrow passage between two elevations; a deep, close pass; a defile; as, the notch of a mountain.
A New England word for pass.
the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks; "we got through the pass before it started to snow"
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a small col.
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All-aspect missile defensive maneuver to place threat radar/missile near the beam. zum Men
This term refers to two small half circles which appear on the sides of the wire wrap sleeve where the wire enters. Once the wire has been placed into the bit and sleeve the remainder is placed into the notch so that it will not be pinched when pushed down around the terminal post.
On a concave curve, to make triangular clips to allow for flattening the seam.
notch a surface to record something
a tally-mark for counting something
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is filter wherein a selected frequency and a specified number of frequencies above and below it -- called a "band" -- are affected.
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Refers to only just beating another player, usually by one card.