Definitions for "Triangular"
Having three angles; having the form of a triangle.
Oblong or elongated, and having three lateral angles; as, a triangular seed, leaf, or stem.
Something that is made of a triangle (a three-sided shape) or triangles.
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A weir having a triangular profile in a vertical profile weir direction in the direction of flow. The 'Crump' and 'Flat V' weirs are examples of such structures.
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An upper triangular matrix has its only non-zero elements on or above the main diagonal, that is aij=0 if ij. Similarly, a lower triangular matrix has its non-zero elements on or below the diagonal, that is aij=0 if ij.
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a shape with length to width ratios of 2:1-1.5:1, widest at the base, and with straight margins
An arch formed by two straight, inclined sides.