Definitions for "matrix"
A rectangular arrangement of symbols in rows and columns. The symbols may express quantities or operations.
The mold used to cast a letter of type in hot-metal composition. pl. matrices
A rectangular two-dimensional array of numbers that can be thought of as a linear operator on vectors.
The cavity in which anything is formed, and which gives it shape; a die; a mold, as for the face of a type.
The earthy or stony substance in which metallic ores or crystallized minerals are found; the gangue.
The face material and adhesive layers of a pressure sensitive construction surrounding a die cut label which is typically removed after die cutting.
The womb.
The lifeless portion of tissue, either animal or vegetable, situated between the cells; the intercellular substance.
Spot under the skin of the fingernail mantle where the nail plate begins to grow.
a solid porous composition having a relatively fixed three-dimensional structure
a two dimensional collection of numbers
a two-dimensional list of data, where each value can be described by its co-ordinates i and j
The base from which the print is made. This can be anything - a standard metal plate or lithographic stone, a potato or vinyl record, a stencil - anything from which you print.
The actual printing surface (copper plate, wood block, and so on) which bears the incised or relief image.
a flat round plate upon which is etched, incised, or engraved a generally spiral groove containing information that can be converted to sound
Formerly known as a 'Likert Scale' question, a matrix is a series of multiple choice questions that share a set of answers. They are commonly used for participants to rate items on a scale ( from 1-5, poor to excellent, etc.)
The process of placing TVSS components in series and in parallel to establish multiple current paths as well as a specified clamp voltage.
The Matrix is the main setting of the Matrix series of science fiction films, comics and games.
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multiple natural number
a collection of numbers if you dont know
a homogenous collection of numbers with a particular shape, like a table of numbers of the same type
tissue scaffold
the collection of connective tissue molecules between the intima of blood vessels and smooth muscle cells
The resin in which the glass reinforcements are distributed.
a collection of zero or more element values each of which can be accessed via an integer index
a homomorphism between two modules, together with an integer (or vector of integers) called its degree, which is used when determining whether the map is homogeneous
a list of vectors of the same length
A word made popular from the Si-Fi novel Neuromancer by the author William Gibson. The word describes the expanding network of computer.
The network of interconnected computers which ties Gibson's Earth together, sort of an advanced version of the World Wide Web. The Matrix is designed to be accessed through cybernetic means as well as via terminals not unlike what we have today.
The microstructure in a casting.
A small, reusable plate of metal that held a forward-facing impression of a letter or other character. The matrix was placed inside a mold to cast as many pieces of identical type as were needed for its particular letter or character.
mold used in the production of phonograph records, type, or other relief surface
n. Another term for cyberspace.
(The Matrix, refering to the 1999 movie). A (still imaginary) cyberspace undistinguishable from reality.
The set of all networks that can exchange electronic mail either directly or through gateways. This includes the Internet, BITNET, FidoNet, UUCP, and commercial services such as America Online, CompuServe, Delphi, and Prodigy. This term was coined by John S. Quarterman in his book The Matrix (Digital Press, 1990).
Matrix is the name of two female superheroes published by DC Comics. The original Matrix was created by John Byrne, and she first appeared (as Supergirl) in Superman vol. 2, #16 (April 1988). The current Matrix was created by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Dale Eaglesham and first appeared in 52 #25 (October 25 2006).
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The "bigger brother format" of Enzo and Dot. RB: 3
the smaller-grained stuff filling in around bigger clasts.
See printing element.
The spongy, implantable element in Adiana's technology that provides a structure for natural tissue ingrowth that permanently blocks the fallopian tube. The sperm and egg, therefore, cannot meet for fertilization to take place.
a) Federal lands outside of reserves, withdrawn areas, and Managed Late-Successional areas. ( FEMAT, IX-20) b) The least fragmented, most continuous pattern element of landscape; the vegetation type that is most continuous over a landscape. ( FS People's Glossary of Eco Mgmt Terms)
A Cheapmod chip with pogopins. Manufactured by Team Xodus. I prefer the X3 by Team Xecuter.
the immediate physical environment in which a process or reaction occurs. In the SDS PAGE experiment, the matrix is the polyacrylamide gel which contains linked chains of polyacrylamide and other reagents such as buffers and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate.
Information dataspace, abstract representation of the relationship between data systems that facilitates the handling and exchange of massive quantities of data.
a common tool used in general mathematics and linear algebra
a convenient notation for the representation of ordered sequences of numbers or variables
all chemical components in a mixture to be analyzed including the analyte.
A specific type of medium (e.g., surface water, drinking water) in which the analyte of interest may be contained.
For a given component, the matrix is the "background" of all gases present in the gas mixture. This term is most frequently used to contrast two gas mixtures with a common minor component but with different combinations of other components which affect blending or analysis. "Matrix matching" is one technique that can be used to overcome interferences caused by matrix effects. Example: Mixture A contains 500 ppm of NO in a nitrogen balance, and Mixture B 500 ppm of NO and 20% CO2 and a nitrogen balance. The matrix for Mixture A is nitrogen, whereas the matrix for Mixture B is nitrogen with 20% CO2. The analysis for NO in these two gas mixtures is radically different because of CO2 interference.
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This is when you shove a spoon up a girl's ass, and she responds by saying, "did you just stick a spoon up my ass?" You kindly respond by saying, "There is no spoon." - Steve, New York
Where most deforestation is allowed to take place. An Option 9 land designation. Other examples of Option 9 land designations are LSR's, AMA's, and Riparian Reserves.
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In switch technology, that portion of the switch architecture where input leads and output leads meet, any pair of which may be connected to establish a through circuit. Also called switching matrix.
a series of inputs that can be routed to any desired output
A mix of a SBD and AUD onto one tape. Usually done 'live', but can also be done post-show. Requires a means of combining the two input streams (i.e a mixing board). Matrix's are popular (though somewhat rare) because they offer the pure sound of a SBD with the warmth and crowd noise of an AUD.
a chart that looks like a cross-table, but contains words (as well as, sometimes, numbers)
a dynamic chart that portrays the confluence of two factors acting in concert
compare & contrast used to show attributes also called a chart or a comparison organizer
An environment that gives form to or provides for the origin or development of something.
The environment in which something is found. This is a multifunctional term that can be used to refer to the solid matrix that is used during the assay (eg: tubes or microtiter wells) or the source of the sample (eg serum, plasma, saliva, urine, media, etc).
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Matrix is the pseudonym of London based drum and bass producer and DJ Jamie Quinn.
A method of encoding multiple audio channels into two channels for transmission or storage.
a discretized operator
For home theater, refers to a method of electronically combining and separating signals to create multiple-channel playback from two-channel sources. Matrixed audio channels are less precise than discrete.
Ecological systems that form extensive and contiguous cover, occur on the most extensive landforms, and typically have wide ecological tolerances. Disturbance patches typically occupy a relatively small percentage (e.g. 5%) of the total occurrence. In undisturbed conditions, typical occurrences range in size from 2,000 to 100,000 ha.
See Also: Pin Patch
Matrix is a jazz fusion group started in 1974, noted for tight brass ensemble lines and complex musical themes. It made its biggest impact on the music scene in the 1970s, including an appearance at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1976. The group reformed in 1992, 2000, and 2002.
A metaphorical way to think about the "world" or universe of discourse that we create perpetually, mentally, and emotionally via our frames. As we build meta-levels of the mind, we tend to become "paradigm blind" and to see the world "in terms of our ideas and concepts." Thus the Matrix arises.
a pretty simple idea
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The veins that are seen in semiprecious gemstones, for example, the black or copper veins that run through turquoise. Synthetic stones in costume jewelry mimic the matrix of genuine stones.
An object (usually wood, metal or stone) upon which a design is formed and which is then used to make an impression on a piece of paper, thus creating a print.
a trademark of CrossOff Incorporated
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See mandrel (1).
Refers to the total volume (average) of ground penetrated by a metal detector.
Refers to the total volume of ground penetrated by the transmitted electromagnetic field, which may contain varying amounts and combinations of minerals, metals, salts and moisture.
description(usually boring) mineral enclosing different mineral Dioptase
A matrix, in terms of the lyophilization process, is a system of ice crystals and solids that is distributed throughout the product.
a crystal structure forming a lattice
a container in which developments occur, it protects these changes, nurtures them, and allows them to grow unhindered by negative influences from outside
a structured compensation plan that strategically limits both width and depth
Model relating marketing strategy to general strategic direction. It maps out what cells will receive what direct mail piece and all the components that are to be included within each piece.
A planning tool for displaying the relationships among various data sets.
an excellent program management tool as well as helping to avoid double counting by a partner, among partners, and among USG agencies
a useful tool for comparing the rankings of candidates who are competing for a given position
a list of lists
a list of the parties to a lawsuit, including the addresses at which pleadings and notices can be served; a matrix is commonly used to list the names and addresses of creditors and other parties in a bankruptcy case.
List of names and addresses of each creditor
a convenient and useful way of representing a graph to a computer
a graph that visually shows me my workout
The format providing access to the available inventories on the Gunston Hall Website.
Two or more simultaneously occurring glossolalias.
a useful form for displaying typologies
See: transformation matrix
an advanced mathematical structure used to describe the local space of an object and to transform objects within the space
a projection if the transformation it represents is a projection
A substantially continuous phase that fills the space between particles, whiskers or fibres.
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The vendor's name for the software that powers ISIS.
A structure that contains another structure. Typically used in the collocation 'matrix clause' of a CP or IP that contains another CP or IP.
Matrix lands fall between conservation areas and may include urban areas and lands used for agriculture, forestry, and other commodity purposes.
A superset of the Internet that includes all networks and computers that can exchange email.
Additional auxiliary outputs found on larger mixing desks.
a bit larger this time
a concise and useful way of uniquely representing and working
Any complex environment or substances in which a thing is developed.
an entity or substance from which things, events or processes arise
layer secreted by cells comprising different substances
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a scramble of several words
a nationwide company partnering with employers to provide customized management of disability, workers compensation, and family leave
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a bit older but can do everything Every MOD is basically the same
an energy pattern
Pattern, e.g. when synthesising a new, second DNA strand the other DNA strand serves as pattern (matrix).
A framework within a fuel cell that supports an electrolyte.
a generic layout of the cards (usually describing some form of ending, especially a squeeze).
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a lot like that, I think
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a more major constituent of bone
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A table showing relationships between each item on the horizontal and vertical axis
A table of all the possible combinations of options available for an item.
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The five simple colors, black, white, blue, red, and yellow, of which all the rest are composed.
a set of plots in which each is generated for a specific measure
A network switch that connects calls from their source to their requested destination.
a good way to present comparative data on the competition
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That which gives form or origin to anything
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See hair matrix.
a frame to help organize the planning process
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Matrix functions
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table to help you organize information