Definitions for "garnet"
A mineral having many varieties differing in color and in their constituents, but with the same crystallization (isometric), and conforming to the same general chemical formula. The commonest color is red, the luster is vitreous, and the hardness greater than that of quartz. The dodecahedron and trapezohedron are the common forms.
A hard stone of silicate minerals, which occur as well-formed crystals in metamorphic rock. Red garnets are normally used in jewelry, with the ordinary varieties crushed and used as abrasives.
Family of minerals including six varieties of similar red gemstone, namely: pyrope (rhodolite), almandine, grossular, andradite (demantoid), spessartite, and uvarovite. The most common garnets used for jewellery are the very dark red pyrope or Bohemian stones, which are usually rose-cut (see jewel cutting) or, on bead necklaces, naturally faceted, and almandine garnets which are usually cut en cabochon (and known as carbuncles) or emerald-cut.
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A color description, reddish-purple. A cooked jam color to describe the luxurious appearance of fine wines.
A colour description, reddish-purple. A cooked jam colour to describe the luxurious appearance of fine wines.
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A tackle for hoisting cargo in or out.
A purchase on the main stay, for hoisting cargo.
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an ideal gemstone to use during meditative rituals, and it can be worn as amuletic jewelry to attract sexual love and soul mates
Carried by travellers to protect against accidents and, until the 18th century, garnets were worn by soldiers to heal their battle wounds. A symbol of love and creativity, and therefore popular in engagement rings.
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The safest method is to simply use a soapy water solution.
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The aggregate, or sand of "the orange sandpaper". The grains break as the paper is used, resulting in renewed sharp edges. This paper is the best choice for sanding bare wood.
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a totally natural product, chemically inert and free of any toxic metals or crystalline silica
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