Definitions for "Aventurine"
A kind of glass, containing gold-colored spangles. It was produced in the first place by the accidental (par aventure) dropping of some brass filings into a pot of melted glass.
A variety of translucent quartz, spangled throughout with scales of yellow mica.
(goldstone) Clear glass containing millions of tiny copper crystals which give the glass a golden sheen. It is used as a base material for beads, and for decorative elements on beads.
Aventurine is said to be useful in relieving migraine and in soothing the eyes. A traditional method of using this stone is to leave it in water overnight and to use the water the following day to bathe eyes. Aventurine water - made in the same way can also be used for bathing irritations of the skin. Aventurine is a soother and helps relax one for a better night's sleep! It also relieves tension and shock. Improves vitality, equalizes blood pressure. Encourages creativity, gives the wearer courage, independence, calmness and serenity. Gives adventure and luck in love and sport.
The aventurine is projective and is used to strengthen mental powers and eyesight. Gamblers use this stone to increase their luck. The all-round luck stone will enhance your creative talents.
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