Definitions for "Labradorite"
A kind of feldspar commonly showing a beautiful play of colors, and hence much used for ornamental purposes. The finest specimens come from Labrador. See Feldspar.
A type of transparent or translucent feldspar which displays strong iridescence ( labradorescence). It is a grayish-green but displays bright flashes of green, blue and sometimes yellow-gold colors when viewed from different angles. Originally found in Labrador, Canada, there are also deposits in Mexico, Russia and the US. A brilliantly colored form called spectrolite is found in Finland.
A translucent greyish mineral that shows brilliant flashes of color (called labradorescence) – usually green, blue or red – after it is polished. These flashes of color have been compared to the wings of tropical butterflies. The darker variety of labradorite, which is called “black moonstone,” has bluish inclusions. Labradorite shields the aura, protecting the mind and body from foreign influences, especially during growth phases and intense transitions.