Definitions for "Tiger's Eye"
is chatoyant quartz. It has a parallel fibrous structure that gives its tiger stripe pattern, illusive depth and a silky lustre more commonly described as a "cat's-eye" effect. Tiger's Eye is black, with a combination of brown and gold stripes caused by the staining of iron oxide and it is believed to bring strength and power. Its primary source can be found in South Africa, but also occurs in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, the USA and Western Australia.
an opaque brown stone, with bands of darker brown and golden-yellow. It has a silky luster, and catches the light along the golden bands, causing the chatoyant quality Tiger's Eye is known for. (Chatoyancy - having a changeable luster, like a cat's eye.)
A type of yellowish-brown to reddish-brown gemstone with a silky luster. When cut properly, it exhibits a narrow gleam of light that appears to move vertically along its surface as the stone moves. Green-gray varieties of this stone are called cat's-eye quartz. Blue-gray to bluish varieties are called hawk's-eye. Deep brown varieties of this stone are called bull's-eye or ox-eye. Tiger's eye rates a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. (Also tigereye.)