Definitions for "Kunzite"
Keywords:  spodumene, lilac, purple, pink, roze
Kunzite is a variety of the Spodumene family. It is known for a range of pink-violet to light-violet colors but has also been identified in canary yellow, colorless, brown and green-violet. On Mohs’ scale of hardness, kunzite is 6.5-7. It has a vitreous luster and its sources include Brazil (Minas Gerais), Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Madagascar, Pakistan and the United States. (See Kunzite Facts.) (Note: Sources listed in order of primary and secondary deposits.)
a pinkish lilac crystal form of the mineral spodumene that is used as a gemstone
The pale purple variety of spodumene. See also the field guide entry for spodumene.
Alleviates anemia, improves general tissue rejuvenation. Creates balance between heart and mind, clears emotional blockages. In meditation can balance negative emotional and troubled mental states.