Definitions for "Aquamarine"
A transparent, pale green variety of beryl, used as a gem. See Beryl.
Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family and related to emerald in composition. Its color ranges from light to medium blue with hints of green. Most aquamarines come from Brazil. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.
It is a semiprecious blue colored stone from the beryl family. It is the birth stone for the month of March.
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a movie about friendship
Aquamarine is a 2006 film starring Joanna "Jojo" Levesque, Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton. The film was released in North America on March 3, 2006. The movie, based on a children's book by Alice Hoffman, and directed by American Director Elizabeth Allen was filmed in Queensland, Australia and Louisiana, U.S.A..
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Never use chemical cleaners. Avoid heat and overtly frequent cleaning at all costs. Simply use soapy water.
The crystal master gains an Intelligence bonus of +1. This bonus increases by +1 for every two additional embedded gems (+2 at 3 embedded gems, and +3 at 5 embedded gems). This ability is active as long as the crystal master maintains psionic focus.
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Worn in earrings, it brings love. Worn or carried anywhere else, it brings hope to the oppressed and protects travelers.
Optimara super miniature variety. See Little Aquamarine.