Definitions for "Miniature"
Originally, a painting in colors such as those in mediæval manuscripts; in modern times, any very small painting, especially a portrait.
Greatly diminished size or form; reduced scale.
Lettering in red; rubric distinction.
Paperweight with a diameter of less than two inches.
A book that stands under 3" tall
Postcards as a novelty during the Golden Age. They were about 1/2 the size of the standard 31/2 x 51/2 inch postcards. They have a stamp box . The most desirable are those by the Scandinavian artists or the USA publisher John Winsch.
A descriptive term for a short Romantic piece, usually for piano.
A term for a short evocative composition for piano composed in the Romantic Period.
copy that reproduces something in greatly reduced size
a size of Harbour Lights between GLOW and Ornament. Approximately 3" high and 3" wide. The first Miniature was one of New Point Loma ca for the 1997 Reunion. A second was of Rose Island for the 1998 Reunion and Point Fermin to mark the 5th Anniversary of the Collectors Society. . In 2000 a line of " Little Lights of Mine" was introduced by Younger & Associates in the miniature size. MORE INFO
Also called brevity, a short game—usually about 20 moves or less. Many writers use the term only for entertaining games and therefore do not generally include draws in this category. Any Chess problem featuring seven or fewer pieces .
Problems with fewer than eight pieces are known as a miniatures.
A book smaller than 16mo (32mo, 64mo, etc.) Something between a toy and a showpiece. A phenomenon of the 19th Century and before. A format at that time popular for religious and reference works. Their recent resurgence is associated generally with art and poetry.
Since that [a] is seldom pronounced, it is seldom included in the spelling. This one is a "mini ature;" remember that.
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tiny versions of a Shelley or other pattern on a piece or set of china. Shelley miniatures are very rare and expensive.
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A particular feature or trait.
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