Definitions for "Caption"
The heading of a chapter, section, or page.
Creates a caption at top of table or at bottom. Must follow the opening table tag. Requires a /caption tag. table bordercaption"Test Caption"/captiontrtdA one-cell table/td/tr/table produces "Test Caption" A one-cell table
Title text that labels a scene or identifies a location or person onscreen.
The heading or introductory clause on documents filed that shows the names of the parties, name of the court, number of the case, etc.
Heading or introductory party of a pleading.
The heading of the pleading, or other court papers showing the name of the court paper, showing the name of the court, the names of the parties, and sometimes the number of the case.
a word or phrase that identifies the parts of the item (for example, volume, Band, heft, part, number, or tome)
a word, phrase, or abbreviation that describes the type of parts into which a multipart or serial item has been divided, for example, volume, number, part, side
see: Enumeration
translation of foreign dialogue of a movie or TV program; usually displayed at the bottom of the screen
Entry that will display within the label.
In ScreenMan, a label displayed on the screen. Captions often identify fields that are to be edited.
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A caviling; a sophism.
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a concise and descrip
The act of taking or arresting a person by judicial process.
"letters of caption" are an authority to arrest a debtor, or someone who has not fulfilled a promised obligation
generally a rectangle-shaped box that contains voice-over first person or third person narration. Sometimes referred to as "Box." Pah -- amateurs.
Caption is an annual comic convention specialising in British small press comics. It has been held in Oxford every August since 1992. Loosely based around a theme, each event offers panels and workshops related to small press comics along with the opportunity to buy and sell them.
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Copy in whitch someone is talking to the reader.
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See Legend.
That part of a legal instrument, as a commission, indictment, etc., which shows where, when, and by what authority, it was taken, found, or executed.
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a character row vector that specifies an O-Matrix window
a short summary statement that captures the meaning of the image
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See titles.