Definitions for "Denotation"
The literal meaning of a word as commonly defined. See also connotation.
The relationship between a linguistic event and its referent, as the word “book” denotes the object “book.” A direct specific meaning, as distinct from an implied or associated idea.
the literal definition of a word.
An analytical descripton of a specific font, its serifs, bracketing, terminals, weight of strokes, etc.
point to something concrete and specific
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diction epic figurative language free verse
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See Extension.
an intension that picks out an extension at each possible world
Synonym for object or signified. See also: referent.
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The marking off or separation of anything.
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the right sense
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First, go to the Web for a definition and good example. See green book for a second example. (461)
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the act of indicating or pointing out by name