Definitions for "Referent"
The thing, person, concept to which a word / phrase/ text etc. refers: the thing 'out there' as opposed to the language used to refer to it. register: The way language is used in a given social setting: e.g. informal register.
the noun for which a pronoun stands.
The thing, object or idea that a symbol (e.g., a word, phrase or sign) stands for or refers to.
the first term in a proposition; the term to which other terms relate
The referent of a metalevel is that term it is metalevel of. The referent of a task is the result value of that task.
This is the person or organisation who receives the foreign national in the Netherlands. A person or organisation in the Netherlands can also act as an administrative referent for a foreign national. In this case the referent only arranges the administrative part of the procedure.
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