Definitions for "Antecedent"
Going before in time; prior; anterior; preceding; as, an event antecedent to the Deluge; an antecedent cause.
That which goes before in time; that which precedes.
One who precedes or goes in front.
The first or conditional part of a hypothetical proposition; as, If the earth is fixed, the sun must move.
The first of the two propositions which constitute an enthymeme or contracted syllogism; as, Every man is mortal; therefore the king must die.
Antecedent is a part of association. When association is determined between two events, the first event is called antecendent. For example "If customer buys pizza he also buys bear or lemonade in 89% cases", here "buys pizza" is the antecedent.
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The first of the two terms of a ratio; the first or third of the four terms of a proportion. In the ratio a:b, a is the antecedent, and b the consequent.
In expert systems, the IF part of an IF–THEN rule. See also consequent.
C&P page: Definition: The "iffy" part of an "if-then" statement. Comment: "Antecedent" and "consequent", as technical terms, refer only to parts of a conditional statement. Thus there is neither consequent nor antecedent in statements of the form "A or B", and in particular, A is not the antecedent in such a statement. Not every statement following the word "if" is the antecedent of a conditional. For example, statements of the form "A only if B" translate into the conditional "If A then B", where you can see that actually B represents the consequent statement, not the antecedent.
Presumptive; as, an antecedent improbability.
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An event that occurs prior to the target behavior. A child smiles every time her mother peeks over the edge of her crib, so the mothers peeking is antecedent to the child's smiling.
An environmental condition present before a targeted behavior is exhibited. Antecedents are often considered when running either a functional behavior assessment or a functional behavior analysis.
Those events that occur immediately (the "triggers") before a student engages in a targeted behavior. For example, if Angela always slams her book closed and ignores the teacher when asked to translate a paragraph in French class, the antecedent is the teacher's request that Angela translate a paragraph.
From RDF Semantics ( 2004-02-10) (n.) In an inference , the expression(s) from which the conclusion is derived. In an entailment relation, the entailer. Also assumption .
The statement of conditions necessary for coming to a conclusion. In a production system, this is the left-hand side of the rule.
someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)
An object that appears in another object's group tree at any position above that other object. Every object is an antecedent of its descendants.
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Glucose Postural
The earlier events of one's life; previous principles, conduct, course, history.
Antecedents are the life history and previous convictions of a defendant in a criminal case.
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Grade Phosphorous
In a conditional claim, the subsidiary claim before the arrow, or immediately after the word "if."
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See premise.