Definitions for "Convictions"
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Entries on an individual's criminal records. In addition to affecting one's ability to get employment, some lenders may look at convictions when making a lending decision. A conviction for fraud would make an individual a particularly high risk to many financial institutions, whereas speeding or road traffic offences will affect motor insurance policies.
Motoring Convictions Conviction details include a code such as SP30 as well as a number of penalty points. Conviction details can be found on your licence; on photo card licences, details are found on the paper section. Non-motoring Convictions To be eligible for an online car insurance quote, you nor any proposed driver has been convicted of any non-motoring convictions, e.g. theft, dishonesty or fraud within the last 5 years, nor ever suffered a term of imprisonment.
Motor insurers are usually only interested in motoring offences Non motoring convictions should have no effect on your premium
Thirteen tenants; each pride has a policy for each; to break conviction is to face personal loss of visage and possible censure.
Convictions is an episode from the third season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5.
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beliefs or opinions that are strongly held.