Definitions for "Booking"
Part of the process of being arrested in which the details of who a person is and why he or she was arrested are recorded into the police records.
A law enforcement or correctional administrative process officially recording an entry into detention after arrest, and identifying the person, the place, time, and reason for the arrest, and the arresting authority.
The act of recording someone's arrest, including the name, age and reason arrested. Usually photographs and finger prints are taken and an arrest number is assigned to the person.
Term used to refer to a completed sale by a destination, convention center, facility, hotel or supplier (i.e. convention, meeting, trade show or group business booking).
Booking means room pre-reservation for certain dates. Booking through means online hotel reservation and easy accomodation at the hotel requested. BOOKING through INCLUDES: room reservation; room services stated by each particular hotel in the list of HOTEL FACILITIES; meals only if there are any offered by the hotel chosen and if they are appointed in the HOTEL FACILITIES list in each particular case. BOOKING through DOES NOT INCLUDE: visa support; any TAXES paid directly to the hotel; all EXTRA CHARGES paid directly to the hotel; transport to the hotel and back; flight cost.
A shipper has prearranged cargo space on a specific flight(s) creating a booking, or reservation. See Advanced Arrangements.
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The technique of folding wallpaper and allowing time for the adhesive to penetrate without drying out so that the paper expands. The time period varies with different types of wallpaper. To book wallpaper, fold it pasted side to pasted side, with the edges of the strip in alignment and the ends overlapping about 1/2 inch approximately midway down the strip.
it is necessary to book most wallcoverings after pasting unpasted product or wetting prepasted patterns. It allows the wallcovering to relax, which helps to prevent stretching and shrinking that can cause seams to show. To book a strip of wallcovering is to lay a pasted or a wet prepasted strip of wallcovering paste side up on a table or work surface. Fold the top half of the strip to the middle of the sheet, (paste to paste) and fold the bottom of the sheet to the middle (paste to paste) being careful not to crease the edges. Leave it to rest for the recommended amount of time (usually about 3 minutes). Then the strip is ready to hang.
A term used to describe how wallpaper is folded after it is either pasted or pulled through a water tray. Generally the top of the wallpaper is LOOSELY folded (not creased) shorter on the top and longer on the bottom end and allowed to book (relax) per manufacturers recommendation (generally 5 to 10 minutes.)
See Caution.
A term referring to a player's name being written down by a referee for either a yellow or red card infraction.
A term used to indicate when the referee has cautioned a player with a yellow or red card. A player is said to have been "booked" after being cautioned.
A modeling job or paid assignment.
A scheduling of the talent and staff that will work on a shoot or photo session.
a job or work that a model gets
An arrangement with a company for use of facilities, goods or services.
The act of recording arrangements for the movement of goods by vessel.
The making of arrangements for a shipment with the representatives of a vessel or airline.
A practice retailers use to order in advance to obtain special discounts and guarantee the delivery date, usually for seasonal and holiday products.
The allotment in advance of space or weight capacity of goods.
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a legal contract governed by Scots law
Method of assembling or bringing together two halves of a core in a manner similar to closing a book. See Core.
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a guest who has decided to have an online party too)
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a binding contract
a verbal contract binding both parties
employment for performers or performing groups that lasts for a limited period of time; "the play had bookings throughout the summer"
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The act of being engaged to speak, as in "I have had 150 paid bookings this year."
a request to use Media Library materials for a specific class
The registering of an order to provide transportation services.
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a legal agreement
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Closing a bookflat.