Definitions for "Order Book"
An automatic execution facility operated by the Exchange. Order books facilitate the trading of order book securities.
a term used for the SETS system employed in London. Orders for buys and sales are allowed to amount on an order book where they can match and execute against one another.
A book which contains all open orders, i.e. those which have not been delivered or invoiced yet.
The electronic representation of the market place. It contains and advertises all orders current in the market, on a price/time priority basis.
A listing of open (unshipped) customer orders, normally time-phased and valued at actual individual order prices, that may include margin and profitability analysis.
Recorded orders for goods to be delivered. Noted type & quantity of goods, name & address of purchaser, price
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open orders within the order system that await despatch
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a printed copy of the order of the day