Definitions for "All-or-None"
(1) A type of order where the client wants the entire order executed or none of it. (2) A type of best efforts underwriting in which the issuer will sell the entire amount, or cancel the entire issue.
With stock orders for large lots of shares, there is a chance the whole order cannot be filled at once. Choosing the all-or-none option prevents the brokerage from partially executing the order. In some cases there is no disadvantage to filling a partial order, and some brokerages even charge a single commission for multiple fills of the same stock (on the same buy or sell side). But when you want it all or nothing, choose all-or-none.
A type of order instructing the exchange or market maker to execute the entire order quantity at the stated price (or better) or none of it.
An offering of securities which provides that unle... Add a comment
An offering of securities that provides that unless all the offered securities are sold, the offering is terminated and all funds received by the issuer, underwriter, or escrow agent are returned to the investors. See ‘Best Efforts Underwriting' and ‘Firm Commitment Underwriting'.
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