Definitions for "Bucket shop"
An office or a place where facilities are given for betting small sums on current prices of stocks, petroleum, etc.
An organization that accepts customer orders but does not immediately execute them. It waits until, and if, the market acts contrary to the customer's expectations, then executes the order but confirms it to the customer at the price prevailing originally. This practice is outlawed by the National Association of Securities Dealers.
An unlicensed or illegally operated brokerage. see also shop.
Keywords:  cheap, airline, tickets, saloon, fares
(formerly) a cheap saloon selling liquor by the bucket
a term used to describe a shop where cheap tickets, usually airline ones, can be purchased
Travel agency that sells to the public discounted air tickets obtained from consolidators .
a term used by serious heraldic enthusiasts to describe unscrupulous heraldrymongers who dispense bogus or inaccurate coats of arms by the bucket load