Definitions for "Market Maker"
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Person who's job it is to determine a fair price of a certain asset and to help buyers and sellers exchange that over-the-counter outside the market.
A trader or institution that plays a leading role in a market by being prepared to quote a two way price (Bid and Ask) on request - or constantly in the case of some screen based markets - during normal market hours.
(1) A member of an options exchange who trades for his own account and risk. He is charged with the responsibility of trading in such a manner as to add to the maintenance of a fair, orderly and competitive market. He may not act as agent. (2) A firm actively making bids and offers in the OTC market.
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Pip (Tick)
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a participant that can trade orders directly for its own account
a trading agent that improves liquidity
the guy that has the secret video camera set up behind you and takes the other side of every one of your losing trades
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Also known as registered traders,(See also; Making a Market).
a merchant who exchanges national currencies for e-currencies, and places them in your online currency account
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Market Research
Someone who, through their activity, ensures supply and demand for a security.
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