Definitions for "tick"
Any one of numerous species of large parasitic mites which attach themselves to, and suck the blood of, cattle, dogs, and many other animals. When filled with blood they become ovate, much swollen, and usually livid red in color. Some of the species often attach themselves to the human body. The young are active and have at first but six legs.
Any one of several species of dipterous insects having a flattened and usually wingless body, as the bird ticks (see under Bird) and sheep tick (see under Sheep).
blood-sucking parasite closely related to spiders.
The smallest possible movement (up or down) in the price of a security. also called minimum fluctuation.
The number of stocks whose last trade was an up-tick or a down-tick.
The smallest unit price change allowed in trading a specific security. This varies by security, and can also be dependent on the current price of the security.
A Melbourne Munchkin.
To make a small or repeating noise by beating or otherwise, as a watch does; to beat.
A quick, audible beat, as of a clock.
a metallic tapping sound; "he counted the ticks of the clock"
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The cover, or case, of a bed, mattress, etc., which contains the straw, feathers, hair, or other filling.
a light mattress
sew; "tick a mattress"
an event that occurs for every N low-level statements executed by the parser, where N is specified in the declare statement
an event that occurs for every N low-level statements executed by the parser within the declare block
A unit of time equal to one sixtieth of a second.
(or Unit Payment) The tick of a weather derivative contract is how much the payout changes per unit of the index.
the timing unit in a MIDI opus.
The 6.25-microsecond time intervals that are the reference for upstream mini-slot definition and upstream transmission times in the DOCSIS protocol.
Timbre Time-Based Effect
an event which happens every hour, when the game is updated
an operation that updates the entire game state given that a variable amount of time called DeltaTime has passed
A tick is one hour in realtime. A new tick begins on the hour, when the game are updated.
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minutes, moments. Ex. "I'll dig you in a few ticks". Also, ticks are doubled in accounting time, just as money is doubled in giving "line". Ex. "I finaled to the pad this early bright at tick twenty" (I got to bed this morning at ten o'clock).
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Any small mark intended to direct attention to something, or to serve as a check.
To check off by means of a tick or any small mark; to score.
a mark indicating that something has been noted or completed etc.; "as he called the role he put a check mark by each student's name"
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superhero, and namesake of his own TV show, The Tick.
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To strike gently; to pat.
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The whinchat; -- so called from its note.
To hit an object rock lightly or glancingly, so that it moves only a short distance.
a single iteration over all the BasicActions scheduled for execution at that time
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A high-pitched pulse characterized by a very sharp attack followed by a short "i" vowel sound. The most common background noise from analog discs.
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Tick test rules Ticker symbol
ticker symbol ticker tape
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3 seconds in a communications switch.
a half hour in mud time or on average 75 seconds in real time
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Credit; trust; as, to buy on, or upon, tick.
To go on trust, or credit.
To give tick; to trust.
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an extremely rare sight around here now
a hardware-independent abstraction of CPU usage
A transaction on the stock exchange. (See Minus Tick; Plus Tick; Zero-minus Tick; Zero-plus tick.)
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Same as point
Usually used to refer to one basis point.
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The amount of time it takes for a message to be sent and processed from the client to the server or from the server to the client
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A market term meaning 1/32 of 1% of a security's face value.
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Ticking. See Ticking, n.