Definitions for "Fingerprint"
an impression of the pattern of ridges on the skin of the last joint of a person's finger, left on a surface after a person has touched the surface.
a fingerprint{1} made intentionally in ink on a paper form for the purpose of identification of the individual.
to take an impression of the fingerprints of (a person); as, to fingerprint applicants for a gun permit.
The preferred terms are now 'Finger Image' and 'Fingerscanning'.
Synonyms for ‘Finger Image' / ‘Fingerscanning'.
A fingerprint is a set of motifs used to predict the occurrence of similar motifs, in either an individual sequence or in a database. Fingerprints are refined by iterative scanning of a composite protein sequence database. A composite or multiple-motif fingerprint contains a number of aligned motifs taken from different parts of a multiple alignment. True family members are then easy to identify by virtue of possessing all elements of the fingerprint, while subfamily members may be identified by possessing only part of it.
A group of ungapped motifs excised from a sequence alignment and used to build a characteristic signature of family membership by means of iterative searching of a primary (or composite) database.
A short sequence of characters you can send someone so she can verify that a specific public key is actually your public key.
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a hash of a public key, which is relatively small and easy to read
a hash of the interfaces, methods, and fields of the class
a hash value that is calculated by using a message digest function to encrypt a digital signature
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a smudge made by a (dirty) finger.
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a bit pattern indicative of robust perceptual features of the audio signal
a boolean array, or bitmap, but unlike a structural key there is no assigned meaning to each bit
a fixed length bit vector, often used to describe the features of a molecule in chemical information systems, such as those provided by Daylight or MDL
any distinctive pattern of characteristics or properties of an object which can serve to identify that object; as, the distinctive fingerprint of eugenol in the mass spectrum allowed easy recognition of its presence in the sample.
a generic term for any identifying characteristic; "that tax bill had the senator's fingerprints all over it"
an identifier constructed by combining groups of characters transcribed from specified pages of a printed item
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See factoid fingerprint.
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Fingerprint is the title of an album by Mark Heard, released in Europe, in 1980 on Palmfrond Communications.
a biometric, which if compromised may be extremely difficult for a person to reconcile
Numerical representation of a compound or library which describes in a computationally simple fashion a set of attributes (descriptors), such as atom connectives, 3-D structure or physical properties.
a string of code that is unique to a specific virus
a unique code that is generated for every second of audio and allows very fast retrieval from major databases containing possibly millions of songs
a unique identifier for the cat and can be confirmed at any time
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Driver unloads.
a watermark that is different for each instance
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a group of conserved
a list of the most frequent n-grams occurring in a document, ordered by frequency
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See certificate fingerprint.