Definitions for "pFS "
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Perfect forward secrecy. Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key exchange used in conjunction with the SKIP key distributions protocol provides PFS where required.
Perfect Forward Secrecy is an IPSec keying method that uses a brand new key for each new IPSec SA setup. The keys are created by new key exchanges, see Diffie-Hellman.
Perfect Forward Secrecy. With Perfect Forward Secrecy the exposure of one key permits access only to data protected by that key. When PFS is configured, the IKE daemon creates a new ISAKMP SA for each IPSec SA negotiation and performs a Diffie-Hellman exchange for each IPSec SA negotiation.
Personal Financial Specialist. A Certified Public Accountant who also offers...
Personal Financial Statement. A document used by lenders to determine net worth and liquidity by the listing of assets and liabilities.
Personal Financial Specialist. Certified Public Accountant who specializes in personal financial planning and completes a series of requirements that include education, experience, ethics and an exam.
Private Fuel Storage. A Limited Liability Company incorporated in Delaware for the sole purpose of developing a temporary site for the storage of spent nuclear fuel for the industry. Proton: A subatomic particle in the nucleus of an atom with about the same mass as the neutron but carrying a positive charge. Rad (Radiation Absorbed Dose): A measurement of the energy deposited in any material by ionizing radiation. One rad is equal to the absorption of 100 ergs of energy in every gram of the material exposed to the radiation.
File system over a standard SQL open source database, here PostgreSQL. It provides standard methods to establish a link between a disk based file system and implements all what is known on a standard ext2 file system. Interesting for all web developments
pipe fascines system
Pool Filter Sand. Coarse-textured sand for use in aquariums housing digging and/or sifting fish. Heavy sand not prone to being taken up by filter intake like the lighter, fine-textured sands.
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Pre-Feasibility Study
Applications that collect service charges for healthcare services rendered to produce a patient bill and medical claim.
Progression Free Survival Defines the length of time during and after treatment that the cancer does not grow.
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Parents' Fair Share