Definitions for "Accountant"
One who is skilled in, keeps, or adjusts, accounts; an officer in a public office, who has charge of the accounts.
A person professionally qualified to prepare a set of business accounts for you. He or she may also prepare a Tax Return for you.
A certified or chartered accountant.
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a man hired to explain that you did not make the money you did
a man hired to explain why you didn't make the money you did
a person hired to explain that you didn't make the money you thought you did An act done by me against my will, is not my act An act of a judge which does not relate to his office, is of no force An act of kindness is an act of love
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slang for bookmaker
What some call their bookmaker
a term used by some players for bookmaker (bookie).
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a watchdog, but not a bloodhound
An individual trained and knowledgeable in the profession of accountancy.
a licensed profession who has gone to hell and back to ga
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A reckoner.
a simple honest fellow who cannot measure psychic utility
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A person responsible for maintaining fiscal or corporate accounts. Editor's Note: For one who maintains project accounts, see Project Accountant. Note that skills required for project accounting are not the same mix as for corporate accounting. [D02347] RMW
One who is skilled in the practice of accounting or who is in charge of public or private accounts
a highly educated professional who may be called upon to assist in solving a myriad of problems at any level in all sizes and types of organizations
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An actuary who wanted a more exciting life.
The official who compiles scores from judges and computes placements.
an official but a nurse is not
a specialist who can play as important role in a wide range of fields
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One who renders account; one accountable.
a person who can put two and two together to make a living
a person engaged in accounting work.
A person authorized under applicable law to practice public accounting.
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a whole different animal
an agent of his/her client therefore agency law also applies to the relationship
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a good investment when just starting