Definitions for "Reconcile"
To cause to be friendly again; to conciliate anew; to restore to friendship; to bring back to harmony; to cause to be no longer at variance; as, to reconcile persons who have quarreled.
To bring to acquiescence, content, or quiet submission; as, to reconcile one's self to affictions.
To make consistent or congruous; to bring to agreement or suitableness; -- followed by with or to.
is the process of balancing records. An example is when an individual balances a checking account record with the monthly bank statement. Once the records accurately agree, the checking account has been reconciled.
To compare the results obtained from using two different sources of data, e.g. comparing the balance obtained from a financial report generated by a departmental shadow system to the same balance that is obtained using data from the official campus financial information system, FIS.
To verify the data entered into Keep In Touch is accurate by comparing it to the data provided in a bank statement.
accept as inevitable; "He resigned himself to his fate"
To adjust; to settle; as, to reconcile differences.
1. To settle or to resolve a dispute 2. In order to capture an issue in conflict, the debater must demonstrate why her/his analysis of the issue is superior to that of the opposition.
Show how two apparently opposed or mutually exclusive ideas or propositions can be seen to be similar in important respects, if not identical. Involves need to 'analyse' and justify' (see above).
make compatible with; "The scientists had to accommodate the new results with the existing theories"
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come to terms; "After some discussion we finally made up"
To become reconciled.