Definitions for "Statements"
Written details of the activity on an account, sent out regularly. Please note that statements are only issued when there have been transactions on the account during the previous month.
Written presentations of financial data that show the financial position and the results of financial operations of a fund, a group of accounts, or an entire governmental unit for a particular accounting period.
Statements are issued once a month and detail all the transactions made on the relevant account since the previous month. They keep track of employee spending.
A statement is a list of words which comprise the detailed instructions on which the computer makes its decisions and performs its duties. It will normally consist of constants, variables, expressions, and/or the special commands of the PICK/BASIC language. PICK/BASIC allows multiple statements to be put on one physical line (attribute) if each statement is separated by a semicolon (;). See Chapter 1.
Source code constructs that declare variables, assign expression results to variables, repeatedly execute other statements in loops, control loops, make decisions, and so on.
declarative sentences of fact
Explanations of various types of income, deductions, and/or credits reported on a schedule or directly on Form 1040. Statements may or may not be official IRS forms.