Definitions for "overdraft"
The amount by which withdrawals exceed deposits, or the extension of credit...
The act of overdrawing; a draft in excess of the credit balance; also, the amount or sum overdrawn.
When a check is written that exceeds the available balance in the checking account.
a convenient and flexible way to finance your day-to-day spending and cashflow
a flexible and versatile means to finance day-to-day spending
General working capital lending
Provision of instant credit by a lending institution.
An instant extension of credit from a lending institution.
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for delaying the pain (and the inevitable job...) whilst I wait for my student loan.
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See Deficit
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a continuous credit contract up to your agreed limit
a flexible form of credit allowing the borrower to draw money when they require it and is vital to managing the business cash flow
a standby line of credit where interest is charged only on the amount used in the credit line
a borrowing facility that a business can borrow up to and will pay interest based on the outstanding daily amounts
a short term finance facility to fund working capital, not asset acquisition, and is therefore not appropriate for that purpose
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See "Non-Sufficient Funds". To beginning of page
a solution for your permanent requirements for short-term business capital
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a better way to go, if you can