Definitions for "Job"
The hero of the book of that name in the Old Testament; the prototypical patient man.
An oriental chieftain from the country of Uz who is the main protagonist in a dramatic poem about the suffering of the innocent, composed sometime between the seventh and fifth centuries BCE
A righteous man who had his family and all of his possessions destroyed by God just for His amusement. Despite the obvious evidence to the contrary, Job persisted in his belief that "God is good". A popular brand of rolling papers.
A piece of chance or occasional work; any definite work undertaken in gross for a fixed price; as, he did the job for a thousand dollars.
A public transaction done for private profit; something performed ostensibly as a part of official duty, but really for private gain; a corrupt official business.
A situation or opportunity of work; as, he lost his job.
Using a program with particular inputs. e.g. submitting a job.
A specific run, batch, lot or other discrete group of production with an identifiable beginning and end, and to which material usage and labor charges can be meaningfully assigned.
A specified amount of processing performed as a unit by a computer. The term dates from the introduction of mainframe computers, when data was submitted in batches, often on punched cards, for processing by different programs; work was therefore scheduled and carried out in separate operations, or jobs.
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A sudden thrust or stab; a jab.
To strike or stab with a pointed instrument.
To thrust in, as a pointed instrument.
n. a staged loss. A clean job is a staged loss by legal pinfall or submission without resort to illegalities. v.i. To do a job. Sometimes combined with a descriptive adjective (stretcher job, rope job, tights job.)
A staged loss. A clean job is a staged loss by legal pin fall or submission without resort to illegalities.
Action: A concerted activity by employees designed to put pressure on the employer without resorting to a strike. Examples include: wearing T-shirts, buttons, or hats with union slogans, holding parking lot meetings, collective refusal of voluntary overtime, reporting to work in a group, petition signing, jamming phone lines, etc.
(Backup and Recovery Concepts; search in this book) [definition #2] (Intelligent Agent User's Guide; search in this book) [definition #3] (Oracle Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide; search in this book)
Also called a Script, it directs the backup unit on what files it should back up, how to back up (configuration) and where to back the data to (location).
A Bacula Job is a configuration resource that defines the work that Bacula must perform to backup or restore a particular Client. It consists of the Type (backup, restore, verify, etc), the Level (full, incremental,...), the FileSet, and Storage the files are to be backed up (Storage device, Media Pool). For more details, see the Job Resource definition in the Director chapter of this document.
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A continuous chain of programs, using control commands. None
a repricing process
a process or group of processes executed with a command, e.g., a print job, which is the process of sending and printing a file.
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1. NYPD shorthand for the NYPD. "On the Job" means that the person being spoken of is a police officer. 2. An assignment that requires a RMP or a detective to respond to a complaintant or report of a crime in progress or a past crime.
a crime (especially a robbery); "the gang pulled off a bank job in St. Louis"
any police officer is said to be 'in the job'
a document in the FinePrint output queue
An inbound or outbound print job or a fax transmission that is in a queue; A specified series of operations, called steps hojii View
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v. 1) To kill a single foe with efficiency and speed. Usually synonimus among assassins. " We were in a lot of shit until Ned Assassin jobbed the mage". syn mosh 2) To attack or kill in an unscrupulous way, " You play dead, I'll hide in the bushes and job the merchant as he walks by".
job is a collection of volumes which are processed together as a unit. Multiple jobs may be combined in a single shipment. The term "lot" is also used in the Shipments module and has the same meaning as job.
(job)...(n.)...something that most locals need at least three of to survive in Maui
the responsibility to do something; "it is their job to print the truth"
This one might seem obvious, but it is worthwhile remembering that a job is usually something for which you are already trained. An internship is an opportunity to get training in a particular career field. Also, you are always paid for a job.
JOB rolling papers are a popular brand of cigarette paper produced by Republic Tobacco in Perpignan, France.
A job exists when there is a definite arrangement for regular work every week, or every month, for pay or other compensations (e.g., profits; anticipated profits; or pay "in kind" such as meals, living quarters, or supplies received in lieu of cash from someone other than a family member). A formal, definite arrangement with one or more employers to work on a continuing basis for a specified number of hours per week or days per month, but on an irregular schedule during the week or month, is also a job. Generally speaking, any job that is usually 35 hours or more per week is considered full-time. In some occupations, usual weekly schedules of less than 35 hours per week are considered to be full-time (for example, air traffic controllers).
Employment, a hit or punch.
A specific employment engagement
A position occupied or role performed by an employee in a company. An employee can be assigned to more than one job. A job can have a set of competencies and/or skills assigned to it.
Association of a person with a position, assignment of appropriate actions and compensation information. Similar to our current PAF appointments.
Activities performed on a regular basis in exchange for payment. A single position at one company.
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a set of JCL statements comprising one or more job steps (A job begins with a job statement and ends with a null statement.)
An instance of a predefined workflow. A listing of currently active jobs can be accessed via 'Workflow' tab in Content Centre Professional
A job is what you use to find a solution or password for, f.i. it might be some sort of encryption which uses a password as key. The job contains the keyspace to be searched as well as additional options that describe the kind of job.
To seek private gain under pretense of public service; to turn public matters to private advantage.
profit privately from public office and official business
a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved; "she and her husband are having problems"; "it is always a job to contact him"; "urban problems such as traffic congestion and smog"
Joint Operating Body
Operations the processor manages, including receiving data from an input device, processing instructions, sending information to an output device, and transferring items from storage to memory and from memory to storage. 8.10- 11 Jobs, Steven, 8.21
In order to utilize compute resources, a user must schedule a job. Jobs may be used to launch Web mining processes across compute nodes, reserve compute nodes for development time, or execute other applications requiring significant resources. Every job has a unique name and is associated with a resource reservation and framework. The Portal allows users to manage and monitor jobs. See the topic, Jobs, for more details.
(computer science) a program application that may consist of several steps but is a single logical unit
Systems Management Server object that handles distribution of packages to client computers. You configure jobs in the Jobs window in Systems Management Server versions 1.2 and 2.0.
Any affair or event which affects one, whether fortunately or unfortunately.
A generic term for a defect report, system improvement request, or change order. An arbitrary textual description of some change intended to be made to the system.
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a workplace; as in the expression "on the job";
To buy and sell, as a broker; to purchase of importers or manufacturers for the purpose of selling to retailers; as, to job goods.
invest at a risk; "I bought this house not because I want to live in it but to sell it later at a good price, so I am speculating"
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To hire or let by the job or for a period of service; as, to job a carriage.
To carry on the business of a jobber in merchandise or stocks.
A contracted Bid/Estimate that specifies products to be drafted and produced for the client.
The Job Bank data base has some 25,000 job titles, grouped into some 520 job classifications. Each classification has a unique 4-digit code.
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the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money; "he's not in my line of business"
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an action that needs to be done or a regular activity which one has to do
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a way of selling time
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