Definitions for "Outbound"
Outward bound.
Outward Sending - Call Originating - Dialing Out
Any phone calls made out of a telemarketing call centre.
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Outbound was the eighth album released by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, released in 2000. The album won Best Contemporary Jazz Album at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards.
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A term for a shipment originating in one district to be transported for delivery in another.
A flight going out of an airport.
Referring to the leg of a trip departing the origin city.
The direction and flow of customer traffic just prior to entering the checkout aisles and leaving the store. Also, the flow of products out of a warehouse after order selection.
Refers to network traffic that originates from behind an Raptor Firewall.
Used in the Chicago Metropolitan Area to indicate roads which lead from the Chicago downtown to outlying areas.
Links on a particular web page leading to other web pages, whether they are within the same web site or other web sites.
adj. In communication, pertaining to data that is sent to the network.