Definitions for "Cartage"
Keywords:  dray, hauling, freight, truck, town
(1) The fee charged for transporting freight. (2) The moving of exhibit properties over a short distance.
The surface transportation of freight by motor vehicle.
Usually refers to intracity hauling on drays or trucks.
Keywords:  avera, mules, draught, king, horses
The obligation to provide mules or draught horses for the King's use avera
avera Obligation to provide horses or mules for use by the king.
Transport of forest produce from the harvesting site to the licensees premises. Forestry Victoria
Transportation of goods from storage-in-transit to final destination.
The transfer of merchandise from a pier to a nearby warehouse.
There are two definitions for this term: 1) charge for pick-up and delivery of goods 2) movement of goods locally (short distances).
The charge for pickup/delivery of goods. The act of moving goods (usually short distances).
Keywords:  carrying, act
The act of carrying in a cart.
Keywords:  paid, price
The price paid for carting.
Keywords:  work
the work of carting