Definitions for "Shuttle Service"
Keywords:  haul, van, pickup, mover, trailers
A service offered by moving companies when a location that is not accessible to large moving trailers. In these cases a smaller vehicle is used to haul goods to the final destination. Sometimes an additional charge applies.
If the residence is in a location where access is limited, it may not be possible to bring a conventional moving van or a container close enough. In these cases, a (second), smaller vehicle will be needed to act as a shuttle between the moving van/container and the residence. Usually, the cost of this (second) vehicle (and any additional labour expense) is charged on an hourly basis.
The use of a smaller vehicle to provide service to residences not accessible to the mover's normal line haul vehicles.
Keywords:  fro, transport, regular, along, way
Regular transport to and fro between two points along a usually short way.
Keywords:  carriage, forth, route, short, back
The carriage back and forth over an often short route between two points.