Definitions for "Transport"
To carry or bear from one place to another; to remove; to convey; as, to transport goods; to transport troops.
To carry, or cause to be carried, into banishment, as a criminal; to banish.
To carry away with vehement emotion, as joy, sorrow, complacency, anger, etc.; to ravish with pleasure or ecstasy; as, music transports the soul.
Transportation; carriage; conveyance.
Movement of natural, synthetic, and/or supplemental gas between points beyond the immediate vicinity of the field or plant from which produced except (1) for movements through well or field lines to a central point for delivery to a pipeline or processing plant within the same state or (2) movements from a citygate point of receipt to consumers through distribution mains.
The assisted movement of people and or goods. Note: Transport is often used as a generic term for various means of transport, and is distinguished from 'movement' in that it requires such means.
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The shifting of material from one place to another on the earth's surface by moving water, ice or air.
A transport is a mechanism for moving a magnetic card. Transports are usually motorized and contain belts and rollers for moving the cards.(empty)(empty) waveform test- The waveform test is a test for high coercivity magnetic stripes, and is part of table 1 in ISO/IEC-7811-6. The waveform test encodes a stripe with digital zeros at 2.95 BPMM (75 BPI) and then reads this waveform to determine if "extra peaks" or a "flat area" are present as described in figure 6 of ISO/IEC-7811-6. Also see extra peaks and flat area.
The methods of moving something from one place to another. This can be the ways that people move about (bus, car, bicycle, etc.) or the way in which natural forces such as wind, wave and rivers move material. load
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A check imaging machine which feeds check items through an image camera and micr reader.
A device that processes documents down a track. Transports can include the capability to capture OCR and/or MICR data, perform CAR (Courtesy Amount Recognition), endorse, encode, microfilm, image, and sort documents.
A financial document processor, or a hardware device that has some combination of these capabilities: sorts checks, reads their MICR and OCR information, captures data from the front and back of the checks, endorses, and encodes.
Transport is a sans serif typeface designed for road signs in the United Kingdom. It was created between 1957 and 1963 by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert Design Museum — Jock Kinneir + Margaret Calvert, URL accessed 16 May, 2006 as part of their work as designers for the Department of Transport's Anderson, and Worboys committees. Because of the high public visibility of the typeface on the British Isles, Transport is often nicknamed "The Handwriting of Britain".
the commercial enterprise of transporting goods and materials
transport commercially
The transport market is made up of users who apply coatings to new and refurbished transport. This includes cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural, construction and earthmoving vehicles, railways locomotives and rolling stock and aircraft. Some primers are applied by dipping, but most coatings are spray applied. Curing is generally by stoving for new cars, and by air drying (often using two-pack paints) for refinishing or larger items.
A free Transport Tycoon clone, maintaining the originals addictivity while renduring the landscape and trains in openGL. Look at the Home Page for more info
Volume of ocean water moving through an imaginary surface per second. Often computed as a transport per unit width from a single buoy by integrating the ocean currents over a range of depth in the upper ocean. Transport units are Sverdrup ( 1 Sverdrup= 10
Primarily automotive but also includes some airline and ocean liner carpet.
(colonial) the right to a designated number of acres per individual "transported" to a new territory (50 acres in Maryland during most of the 17th century). See also headright (Virginia)
In fluid flows, it is a measure of amount per unit time; used to define volume transport (liters per second), heat transport (watts), mass transport (grams per second), etc.
The movement of a substance or characteristic. Characteristics that can be transported in the atmosphere are heat ( temperature), moisture, momentum, chemicals, turbulence, etc. The transport is sometimes interpreted as a flux density (characteristic per unit area per time), or as a flow rate (characteristic per time). See transport processes.
a form of inter- process communication used by a debugger application process and the virtual machine that is being debugged (often called the target VM)
a mail server machine
How data is broken up and sent to your computer over the Internet or your company's intranet or network. Usually used in conjuction with or instead of protocol. Most machines will only recognize a single type of transport, though this is not always the case.
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Français : Transport Deutsch : Transport, Verkehr
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hold spellbound
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The network protocol used for communication among components of your application. Current Entera choices are DCE (distributed computing environment) Native RPC (native remote procedure call)
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Getting around - See: Horse, CHARIOT, CORACLE, Boat, Cart.
Defines managers with whom the agent can communicate. An agent can communicate with as many managers as needed.
a subset of agents that seamlessly bridges users to foreign protocols
a subset of the agents category
a unique means of media delivery
a vigorous, vibrant and healthy business within the group and offers services in two dimensions Collection and Delivery
Type of content delivery medium, such as terrestrial, cable, or satellite.
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Trent manage the transport of units to site on a just in time sequence. (See Haulage)
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a driver that transmits a copy of the message from Exim's spool to some destination
Part of an audio or audio/video playback system which reads the data from a CD, DVD or SACD but does not decode that data from its digital form into an analogue form suitable for audio or video reproduction.
The major transport protocol in the Internet suite of protocols providing reliable, connection-oriented, full-duplex streams.
A networking layer that maintains end-to-end reliability through data flow control and error recovery methods. The Oracle Net foundation layer uses Oracle protocol support for the transport layer.
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See Transportation.
See Gateway.
See fate and transport.
a highly conserved process and insights obtained from these studies will be directly relevant to all eukaryotes, including humans
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Transport RTD Programme of the 4th RTD Framework Programme (1994-1998), including the Transport Task Force.
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send from one person or place to another; "transmit a message"
a way of connecting to another IM service, such as AIM or ICQ
(n.) The means by which an object is passed from one process to another.
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A network of community transport throughout NSW provides transport to people who are unable to use public transport, have no personal transport or who require extra assistance but not nursing support.
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a service offered by the Jabber server
Natural gas service where the customer arranges for natural gas to be delivered to the Midwest Energy system by a gas marketer on the customer's behalf. Midwest Energy then delivers the gas to the customer without ever taking ownership of the gas. Transportation service is not available for Midwest Energy's residential customers at this time.
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Bikes Driving Driving & Youth
The part of SCSI Manager 4.3 that accepts I/O requests and passes them to the appropriate SCSI interface module (SIM).
A facility associated with the transmission of OC-1 or higher-level signals (Sonet term).
The fourth layer of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model.
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It is a request to transport objects from the software development environment, identified as the source system, to the specified target system. WAN (Wide Area Networks) They are normally operated either by the telephone company or by private companies that offer leased lines, switched lines or packet lines.
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The manner in which paper travels through a printer.
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something that serves as a means of transportation
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a piece of networking
See network transport.