Definitions for "STP"
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Shielded Twisted Pair. A thin diameter network wire, wrapped with a metal sheath for extra protection against electrical interference.
STP cable consists of copper-core wires surrounded by an insulator. Two wires are twisted together to form a pair; the pair form a balanced circuit. The twisting prevents interference problems, STP provides protection against external crosstalk.
Shielded twisted-pair cable. Twisted-pair cabling with an overall shield to prevent the entry of outside interference, and individually shielded and twisted-pairs to prevent crosstalk.
Spanning Tree Protocol. A bridge-based system for providing fault tolerance on networks. STP works by allowing you to implement parallel paths for network traffic, and ensure that redundant paths are disabled when the main paths are operational and enabled if the main paths fail.
STP detects and breaks network loops and provides backup links between switches, bridges or routers. It allows a device to interact with other STP-aware devices in your network to ensure that only one path exists between any two stations on the network.
Spanning Tree Protocol. A bridge-based mechanism for providing fault tolerance on networks. STP works by allowing the implementation of parallel paths for network traffic, and ensuring that redundant paths are disabled when the main paths are operational and enabled if the main paths fail.
Surface Transportation Program. Federal-aid highway funding program that funds a broad range of surface transportation capital needs, including many roads; transit, sea and airport access; vanpool; bike; and pedestrian facilities.
Syndicat des Transports Parisiens
Statewide Transportation Planning
Mixture of amphetamines and mescaline Speed, DOM
This synthetically produced hallucinogen is a variation of mescaline and amphetamines. Generally less potent than LSD, but it takes longer to breakdown in the body and therefore lasts much longer, in some instances 24 hours to several days.
Standard pressure and temperature. See standard air. ( 099)
standard temperature and pressure equal to 237 K and 1 atm
See standard temperature and pressure.
Straight Through Processing: refers in the realm of payment traffic to the automatic processing of payment transactions from the ordering party right through to the beneficiary. The acronym is also used in connection with securities trading but the process involved is different.
Straight Through Processing (STP) defines business processes in such a way that transactional data is entered only once. Its goal is to eliminate inefficiencies in business processes, such as manual re-keying of data (for example, re-keying a purchase order into a credit verification system) or unnecessary batching of data (such as batching of transactions for periodic processing).
Straight Through Processing. The goal of STP is the achievement of completion of an item of work through its entire life cycle without manual intervention.
ignal ransfer oint A node in the SS7 telephone network that routes messages between exchanges and between exchanges and databases that hold subscriber and routing information. TechWeb
Signalling Transfer Point - A facility whereby C7 signalling messages can be passed between exchanges without requiring a discrete circuit between them.
signalling transfer point. A signalling point with the function of transferring signalling messages from one signallig link to another and considered exclusively from the viewpoint of the transfer.
soldiers training publication
soldier training product
soldier's training publication
Satellite Ticket Printer. A printer intended solely for the delivery of ARC traffic documents generated by an ARC-approved home office, branch office or independent office location. No sales, reservations or promotions may be conducted at the STP location. See Section 50.1 of the IAH for further details.
satellite ticket printer. A machine that allows travel agents to deliver tickets electronically to a client's premises.
Straight Through Processing. Electronic messages to generate deal tickets confirm trade details and send settlement instructions to clearing house and custodian.
Significant Traditional Provider. All hospitals receiving disproportionate share hospital funds (DSH) and all other providers in a county that, when listed by provider type in descending order by the number of recipient encounters, provided the top 80 percent of recipient encounters for each applicable provider type as determined by HHSC.
Secondary Therapeutic Program. The Secondary Therapeutic Program provides services to students in grades 9-12 who present a wide range of academic, emotional, and social difficulties due primarily to neurological and atypical syndromes. See High School Programs.
Secondary Transmission Provider. Any Customer who has acquired rights to use transmission facilities and chooses to resell transmission services derived from those rights. The Secondary Provider must use the TSIN Node designated by the Transmission Provider and comply with TSIN requirements for secondary market information.
Special Treatment Program
Systematic Transfer Program. A plan that allows the investor to give a mandate to the fund to periodically and systematically transfer a certain amount from one scheme to another.
Seismogram Transfer Program
STP is a brand name and trade name for the automotive additives and performance division of the Clorox Corporation.
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PageKeeper Packed Storage File
This is a technology project that costs less than $5000, requires fewer than 40 hours of work, and affects one or two departments. Compare with LTP.
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Solar Terrestrial Probes
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Sewage Treatment Plant
Solvent Treatment Plant
Science and Technology Policy Division
Software Technology Parks