Definitions for "ETL"
Stands for Extraction, Transformation, and Loading. The movement of data from one area to another.
The abbreviation used for Extract Transform and Load. See Extract Transform and Load. ()
Extract, Transform, Load. The process of extracting data from source systems, transforming it into the required structure and then loading it into the data warehouse. ETL tools help this process.
ETL Testing Laboratories. A testing laboratory for various types of equipment. ETL has facilities for testing air filters and room recirculators using different standard performance and safety test methods.
is an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Lab) accredited under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations. ETL in our documentation is our statement that the products meet or exceed the applicable safety requirements under the applicable safety standards.
An independent testing facility, similar to U.L.
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Berk-Tek participates in ETL verification programs. ETL Communications Cable programs and Local Area Network Cable are verified to: IBM Specifications TIA/EIA-568-A ISO/IEC 11801
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Echo Train Length
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Economic threshold level
effective translational lift
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File name extension for a Windows Event Trace log.