Definitions for "Test case"
(IEEE) Documentation specifying inputs, predicted results, and a set of execution conditions for a test item. Syn: test case specification. See: test procedure.
A set of test input execution conditions, and expected results developed for a part icular objective, such as to exercise a part icular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requirement. [D04885] RUP
In order to test the usability of the prototype, test cases (emanating from the scenarios) are written and saved in the Test specification.
An individual test that corresponds to a test purpose, which in turn maps back to the assertion(s), and finally the spec.
A method of exercising a product, feature, or process flow to confirm a single predefined result. Failed test cases reveal product defects or defects in the test case.
a legal case which deals with a problem or raises an argument for the resolution of a linguistic rights issue
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an instance of junit
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a collection of trace files, code modules, and steps that can be used to reproduce the problem
a simple RPG which has the bare minimum required to reproduce the bug
a unit of testing which consists of one or more tests, combined with setup and teardown functions that make the necessary preparations for testing
a collection of test data related to the demonstration of a single capability of the UUT
an object containing a sequence of methods beginning with "test", e
a sequence of stimuli for the model
Automated Test Plan
A breakdown of each functional area into an individual test. These can be automated or done manually.
A verification point in a test procedure that shows whether or not a test requirement has been met. Click to see example...
a detailed procedure that fully tests a feature or an aspect of a feature
A lawsuit to determine whether a legal practice is valid.
a representative legal action whose outcome is likely to become a precedent
a list of the conditions or issues of what the tester want to test in a software
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a class which holds a number of test methods