Definitions for "Test suite"
a comprehensive, easy-to-use test solution
a comprehensive QA and development testing solution that reduces the effort and cost of SOA test creation and maintenance
a comprehensive testing solution that reduces the effort and cost of test creation and maintenance, while allowing your team to drastically improve quality levels over time through test collaboration and reuse
the combination of test software, test documentation, and test procedures that check an implementation for conformance to a standard
A set of documents and tools providing tool developers with an objective methodology to verify the level of conformance of an implementation for a given standard
a testing work product consisting of a cohesive collection of related test cases.
a combination of test software
an executable, self-verifying specification of the behavior of a piece of software
a platform for testing Internet-based or services-based business software
a package of identified test cases which have been acknowledged being buggy (accepted by the group) and that is versionned and stable
a set of cases that programmers enter into their programs to see whether the results look right
A set of test cases.
Testing that occurs during the deployment phase. See also incremental testing and regression test.
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a composite test consisting of a number of TestCases