Definitions for "Standardized Test"
Keywords:  norm, examinees, referenced, score, sat
Contains empirically selected materials, with specific directions for administration, scoring, and interpretation. Provides data on validity and reliability, and has adequately derived norms.
A test that is in the same format for all who take it. It often relies on multiple-choice questions and the testing conditions—including instructions, time limits, and scoring rubrics—are the same for all students, though sometimes accommodations on time limits and instructions are made for disabled students. (Ed Source)
According to A Lexicon of Learning: What Educators Mean When They Say... from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), standardized tests are tests administered and scored under uniform (standardized) conditions. Because most machine-scored, multiple-choice tests are standardized, the term is sometimes used to refer to such tests, but other tests may also be standardized.
an assessment that has been devised from a sample of primarily public school students of a certain grade and age in a particular area
a systemic procedure for sampling an individual's behaviour in order to evaluate job-relevant competencies
a highly specialized tool for learning