Definitions for "Standardized"
Standardized assessments are designed to be administered under specific, standard conditions, resulting in a uniformity in testing environments and administration procedures. Standardization allows for the testing conditions to be equal for all test takers, enabling statistical comparison against the norm or criteria.
A term that describes a way of giving, scoring, or reading tests or surveys; if a test is standardized, it is like other tests and the information taken from all of them can be compared.
TEST: a measure that has been piloted (usually on a large sample, representing different types of respondents) and for which interpretive data, such as norms, reliability, and validity coefficients have been provided; has been administered to a large group of examinees from a target population, often more than 1000 persons, and has been analyzed and normed for use with other samples from that population.
herbal products that are manufactured so that compa-rable products have the same amount of all the same ingredients.
scaled by subtracting the mean and then dividing by the standard deviation: "The data were standardized so that the rainfall anomalies at one station and season could be readily compared with those of other stations and seasons."
An attribute of exchange-listed options. All such options have predetermined strike prices and expiration dates. If not standardized, strike prices and expirations are random.
brought into conformity with a standard; "standardized education"
capable of replacing or changing places with something else; "interchangeable parts"