Definitions for "Reproducibility"
closeness of the agreement between the results of measurements of the pressure carried out under changed conditions of measurement. Includes changing some of those conditions which are held constant for ‘repeatability’, and may refer to measurements carried out over a long period of time.
The degree of variation obtained when the same measurement is made with similar instruments and many operators.
Refers to the ability of an instrument to return the same numeric result with repeated application of the same weight. See " hysteresis."
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An issue property, giving how often the issue has been seen when trying to reproduce it. Specified by the reporter that created the issue, but may be changed later. Possible values are: always sometimes rarely not seen again have not tried N/A[Note that the default Mantis strings are always, sometimes, random, have not tried, unable to reproduce, N/A. I've regularized them so that they all could fit into the same statement about reproducibility.
Uniformity of sensor characteristics from sensor-to-sensor.
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See Reliability.
Extent to which parts from multiple lots are identical.
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the quality of being reproducible