Tests that measure an individual's ability to make a correct diagnosis against those of their national peers. In cytopathology, some states require state-sponsored proficiency tests whereby failure of the test results in remedial training and/or the revocation of licensure. Most states accept enrollment in the College of American Pathologists (CAP) cytology proficiency program, which measures diagnostic ability in all specimen types against national peers. Both ctyotechnologists and pathologists take the same test.
Standardized testing designed to determine competence ratings for students nationwide.
A process in which samples (artificial patient specimens) are sent from a quality assurance or certification organization to participating laboratories for analysis. The true value (results) of the samples are unknown to the participating laboratories. The results are tabulated and compared to all participating laboratories and reported to the enrolling laboratory. PT specimens are an indicator of laboratory performance. PT is a required quality assurance process under laboratory licensing law.