Definitions for "Norm-Referenced Test"
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Designed to compare students' current achievement with that of a group who previously took the same test. Scores are usually reported in percentiles to illustrate how individuals and groups compare to their counterparts in the state and nation.
Test used to compare an examinees’s core with the scores of other similar examinees(Backto Top) Objective test: Test with highly precise scoring system, yielding little error
According to A Lexicon of Learning: What Educators Mean When They Say... from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), norm-referenced tests are standardized tests designed to measure how a student's performance compares with that of other students. Most standardized achievement tests are norm-referenced, meaning that a student's performance is compared to the performances of students in a norming group. Scores on norm-referenced tests are often reported in terms of grade-level equivalencies or percentiles derived from the scores of the original students. CEN NEWS MDE Seeks Public Comment on Special Education Due Process Procedures Teaching, Assessing Students With Disabilities The Institute on Communication Integration Addresses Parenting Teens and Young Adults With Disabilities Kids Count on Consistency Detroit Elementary School Teacher Named Michigan Teacher of the Year more news