Definitions for "FBA"
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unctional ehavior ssessment
Functional Behavior Assessment. See Functional Assessment of Behavior (FAB). CEN NEWS Teaching, Assessing Students With Disabilities The Institute on Communication Integration Addresses Parenting Teens and Young Adults With Disabilities Kids Count on Consistency Detroit Elementary School Teacher Named Michigan Teacher of the Year Robots Stand in for Bedridden Students—Technology Helps Connect Hospitalized Kids With Classmates more news
Functional Behavioral Assessment. A process of attempting to understand the purpose, motivation, and correlates of a problem behavior. The results of the process are informed hypotheses regarding the relationship between environmental events and other variables and the occurrence of the problem response; development of an understanding of various target responses; and the development of an appropriate behavior support and management plan.
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Force Balance Accelerometer
Fixed Block Architecture. A way of formatting disk drives in which the disk is allocated in fixed length (e.g., 512 bytes) blocks rather than cylinders.
Fixed block architecture. A disk storage device which stores data in blocks of fixed size, which can be accessed by relative block number.
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Furnace Bottom Ash
Organization that organizes band related events throughout the state of Florida.
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Facial and Body Animation