Definitions for "Facial"
Of or pertaining to the face; as, the facial artery, vein, or nerve.
disc- Rounded, earlike areas on the face. Synonym(s): ears.
This is where you spunk over her face.
Overdose Viral
Pediatrics Viral
Overdose Ultrasonography
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Paralysis Transillumination
Osteomalacia Ventilation
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Pelvic Warts
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Phenotype Posterior
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Progressive Proteins Vestibular
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Takes it on the chin, so to speak
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a good way to try the products and treat yourself without a huge outlay
Keywords:  cranial, nerve, supplies, muscles
cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles
Keywords:  groove, jaw, artery, bone, edge
The artery which runs along the groove of the jaw bone and the lower edge of the jaw.
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a great pick me up