Definitions for "Cheek"
Keywords:  auricular, mandible, vise, lore, jaw
The side of the face below the eye.
Those pieces of a machine, or of any timber, or stone work, which form corresponding sides, or which are similar and in pair; as, the cheeks (jaws) of a vise; the cheeks of a gun carriage, etc.
Under eye, forward of auricular area
Cool confidence; assurance; impudence.
To be impudent or saucy to.
an impudent statement
Keywords:  flask, cope, mold, drag, section
A section of a flask, so made that it can be moved laterally, to permit the removal of the pattern from the mold; the middle part of a flask.
The intermediate section of a flask that is used between the cope and the drag when molding a shape requires more than one parting plane.
Keywords:  chubb, dimple, shackle, pierced, guide
n. a projection from a lock case that serves as a guide or race for another part Chubb shackle n. a hinged shackle with a pierced hole for the bolt in its movable end
A piercing in your cheek.
a facial/oral piercing through the cheek, typically in the dimple.
Keywords:  saxon, anglo, surname, norman, invasion
Cheek is an old family surname from Anglo-Saxon England that predates the Norman invasion. The Cheek family was among the first to immigrate to the US colonies in the early 17th century.
Keywords:  rump, fleshy, muscular, masses, human
either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump
Keywords:  bridle, branches, bit
The branches of a bridle bit.
Keywords:  bone
The cheek bone.