Definitions for "Overshot"
Keywords:  incisors, jaw, beyond, upper, overlap
Having the upper teeth projecting beyond the lower; -- said of the jaws of some dogs.
n: a fishing tool that is attached to tubing or drill pipe and lowered over the outside wall of pipe or sucker rods lost or stuck in the wellbore. A friction device in the overshot, usually either a basket or a spiral grapple, firmly grips the pipe, allowing the fish to be pulled from the hole.
The incisors of the upper jaw projecting beyond the incisors of the lower jaw, thus resulting in a space between the respective inner and outer surfaces.
Keywords:  overshoot
From Overshoot, v. t.
Keywords:  finer, weft, loom, weaving, distinct
A distinct weaving pattern or the technique for achieving it. It involves a special loom threading and the use of heavy yarn alternating with a finer yarn in the weft or narrow direction.