Definitions for "Occlusion"
The act of occluding, or the state of being occluded.
The meeting together of the upper and lower teeth and jaws
Relationship between the upper and lower teeth when they are in contact; it refers to the alignment of teeth as well as the relationship of the dental arches
Momentary complete closure of some area or channel of the body.
the act of closure or state of being closed
The healing over or closing of wounds in plants whether of natural or artificial origin. ( BCFT).
A term applied, in the case of metals, to the absorption or entrapment of gases.
(r) process by which materials are entrapped within the folds of a given substance during manufacture.
The mechanical process by which vapors, gases, liquids or solids are entrapped within the folds of a given substance during working or solidification.
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The process of cold air overtaking warm air and forcing it aloft.
The end result of a cold front overtaking a warm front. It marks the dying stages in the life of a low.
(meteorology) a composite front when colder air surrounds a mass of warm air and forces it aloft
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Occubox Occult
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a rare angiographic finding
The partial concealment of one object by another object in front of it.
The effect whereby one object overlaps and covers another.
The effect of one object in 3-D space blocking another object from view.
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The sensation that results from "plugging up" the ear canal with cerumen, an un-vented hearing aid, or a foreign body.
The transient approximation of the edges of a natural opening; imperforation.
a result of a disturbance in the neuronal network rather than a specific brain region (Okada et al
The loss in amplitude (gain) and low-pass filter attenuation for both direct and indirect sound signals or waves as the result of an object between the listener and the source. The amount of amplitude loss and low-pass filter attenuation applied to the sound depends on 1) the position of the source and listener in relation to the obstacle and 2) the obstacle material.
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Covering an eye
covering one eye to encourage use of the other
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Covering an area of skin to which topical treatment has been applied, usually with plastic wrap.
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a portion of one image of an image pair that is not visible in the other image