Definitions for "Approximation"
The act of approximating; a drawing, advancing or being near; approach; also, the result of approximating.
An approach to a correct estimate, calculation, or conception, or to a given quantity, quality, etc.
A continual approach or coming nearer to a result; as, to solve an equation by approximation.
The process of eliminating unwanted or unnecessary differences in national legislation detrimental to the functioning of the internal market.
an imprecise or incomplete account; "newspapers gave only an approximation of the actual events"
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a result that is not exact but sufficiently close to be useful in a practical context. Verb: approximate. Adverb: approximately.
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See regression.
a square pulse having amplitude or height H and duration dt
A core principle of European Community law, meaning the shaping of national rules in a comparable way throughout the European Union in order to meet common objectives.
One small step, in a series of progressive steps that leads to the behavioral goal; see Shaping by Successive Approximations.
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A value that is nearly but not exactly correct.
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the act of bringing near or bringing together especially the cut edges of tissue