Definitions for "calculate"
To ascertain or determine by mathematical processes, usually by the ordinary rules of arithmetic; to reckon up; to estimate; to compute.
To ascertain or predict by mathematical or astrological computations the time, circumstances, or other conditions of; to forecast or compute the character or consequences of; as, to calculate or cast one's nativity.
To make a calculation; to forecast consequences; to estimate; to compute.
To adjust for purpose; to adapt by forethought or calculation; to fit or prepare by the adaptation of means to an end; as, to calculate a system of laws for the government and protection of a free people.
Located in Application Base. Compares Household Students, Household Members, Household Income to Child Nutrition Income Guidelines. Designates status of application as approved or denied, pay type as free/reduced/regular. Approved status may be adjusted to Temporary Approved. Displays total HH size, calculates/displays monthly income fyi
have faith or confidence in; "you can count on me to help you any time"; "Look to your friends for support"; "You can bet on that!"; "Depend on your family in times of crisis"
Devise and put into use, a method of counting votes in an election.
circumvent completeness consecutive convenience
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Calculator for Linux Console
To work out precisely a series of moves considering potential replies, designed to reach the playerâ€(tm)s intended goal or objective. A calculation may be done for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. Category: Glossary 3 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
To plan out a series of moves in order to gain advantage over your opponent.
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judge to be probable
To compute or simplify.
To compute; to perform the indicated operation(s).
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To plan; to expect; to think.
specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public
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keep an account of