Definitions for "quantitative analysis"
The process of determining the value of a security by examining its numerical,...
An analysis of the mathematically measurable figures of a company, such as the value of assets or projected sales.
the analysis of a phenomenon that uses environmental variables represented by numbers or ranges, often accomplished by numerical modelling or statistical analysis
The process used in certain economic, cost-benefit, engineering, or traffic studies where multiple factors, elements, and/or outcomes are evaluated and compared by the use of measurable data. Certain mathematical models, formulas, numerical indices, rankings, and value matrices may be used to assist with such a process.
Using advanced mathematical and programmnig techniques to model, analyze, and predict the markets. The dream job. Also known on Wall Street as "Rocket Science" although it has nothing to do with rockets and is, in fact, far more complex than the science related to rocketry.
Using mathematical models to predict and evaluate future risk and return of portfolio asset allocations.
the process of identifying the discrete components of some phenomenon and the relationships that obtain between them, emphasising entities that can be counted or measured.
In digital imaging, the process of measuring and comparing the intensity of light incident on individual pixels. See ADU.