Definitions for "Market Analysis"
Research intended to predict the future of a market. see also analysis.
the examination of an area and its demographic makeup in order to determine the potential for selling a product or service. An analysis of a market includes gathering information about competitors CLICK HERE to access the online resource provided by Virtual Advisor Inc. titled Conduct a Market Analysis. Analyzing a market is different from conducting a marketing analysis although the terms are associated. A marketing analysis is as assessment of a population or target group in order to make promotion or advertising decisions. In real estate terms a market analysis is a determination of what buyers should be willing to pay for property based upon recent sales and existing competition. definition of market analysis defined meaning of analysis of the market definition of marketing analysis defined what is a market analysis
An analysis of technical corporate and market data used to predict movements in the market.
a study of the market area and of probable future patterns
Studying who purchases a product, the reason for the purchase and the purchaser's reaction to changes in quality and price.
A regional and neighborhood study of economic, demographic and other factors made to determine supply and demand, market trends and other factors important to leasing and operating a specific property.
an opinion of the value of your house or property based on features of your property and the selling prices of the properties around yours
a report which takes information from homes comparable to yours that have sold in the last six months, are currently listed for sale, and that were listed but did not sell
A report estimating the resale value of a property. Usually prepared by an agent showing comparable sales of properties in the vicinity based on tax records and information from the Multiple Listing Service.
Review of salary data to facilitate job pay comparisons and information that reflects the labor force from which the university recruits employees.
An estimate of what your home is worth in today's market.
a low cost method to estimate market value of an aircraft based on historical data and information provided by the client
marketing research that yields information about the marketplace
Research done to measure the extent of and characteristics relevant in a given market.
Systematic investigation of the growth, the composition and the behavior of a market.
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Determining groups of prospective buyers and market segments that have common needs and will respond similarly to marketing action.
Market based corporate governance system Market based forecasting
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value chain
a method used to determine the approximate value of your home
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mean mean return